A Sweet and Sassy Valentine’s Treat


Hard to pronounce, easy to sip (Hint: ish-ka-ba-ha)



Stuck for a unique Valentine’s Day gift for your boo (or yourself, because you’re so worth it)? Howzabout a sweet treat that packs a kick? Sweet Dreams Mini Donuts, the Atlanta-based luxury catering company that specializes in delightful and delicious doughnuts has partnered with Uisce Beatha (pronounced Ish-ka-ba-ha) Real Irish Whiskey to produce what Sweet Dreams founder (and “Donutologist”) Todd Jones calls Donuts for Grownups.

Donutologist Todd Jones

Donutologist Todd Jones

The tiny treats are infused with the whiskey which gives the pastries a hint of caramel and vanilla. Pick some up for you honey now here at $14 for a dozen but hurry! While it’s too late to get by VDay, you still have until Wednesday, when these donuts disappear.


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