A St. Patrick’s Day Scoop


Time was, if you were an ice cream lover who also wanted to celebrate St. Patrick’s day (a group not as niche as you think), you had just a few options: Grab a Shamrock Shake at Mickey D’s or a purchase the terrifying Cookie O’Puss cake from Carvel.


While I applaud the sheer genius/laziness of Carvel’s design—they basically took the same Cookie Puss cake mold and added a whimsical hat—Cookie O’ is a horrifying monstrosity.



Luckily, things are looking up for fans of Gaelic-themed desserts. Knappogue Castle Single Malt Isrish Whisley and Clontarf Irish Whiskey have teamed up with Sam Mason and his OddFellows Ice Cream Co. in Williamsburg to create a flight of whiskey ice creams. Yes, you read that correctly: Whiskey Ice Cream.


There’s Dead Rabbit Irish Coffee ice cream made with Clontarf Irish Whiskey (named after the Worlds Best Bar); Knappogue Castle 14-Year Single Malt Irish Whiskey ice cream with sherry syrup; and Burnt Marshmallow ice cream with a Knappogue Castle 12 Year wash. The flight will cost you $12 and is available the entire month of March from the shop, located at 175 Kent Avenue. A cool $12 gets you a pint of the Dead Rabbit Irish Coffee flavor to take home


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