Beer With Me


Hey, it’s National Beer Day! Yeah, there does seem to be a day for everything but quit yer bitching, we’re talking about beer. And before you scoff too much, the day does have some history behind it. March 7 marks the day in 1933 when beer became legal again in the United States after the Cullen-Harrison Act was signed into law by Franklin Roosevelt, thus setting the stage for the death of The Noble Experiment aka Prohibition.

Quaff a pint or two for history. May I suggest the latest from Dublin: Guinness Irish Wheat Beer.

Now I know what you’re thinking? Why would Guinness make a wheat beer? Who asked for this? And I was similarly skeptical when I first heard about it, until I had my first sip. It’s crisp, it’s light, with  notes of citrus clove and banana. The beer is made with 100 percent wheat sourced in Ireland and the same yeast used in their stout. Though it clocks in at 5.3 proof, it drinks lighter, so pace yourself.


Or, you could kick things up a notch and whip up a Boilermaker. Now when I say whip up, I’m being slightly fanciful. A Boilermaker is just a shot of bourbon, rye or whisky and a beer. I like to drop the shot glass into the beer mug or pint glass and have at it. Today mine will feature Bulleit Bourbon and a lager. Feel free to choose your own adventure.

Here’s to your own LUSHious Life!


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