Nip Nip, Hooray!



Hooray, Cinco de Mayo falls on a weekend this year, which gives you time to do it up big style, and still have time to recover for work on Monday.

Boo, that means you might actually have to do some planning. Well, not to worry, the crew at Nipyata have come up with the perfect decoration that both sets a festive tone and fully brings the party.

This “Stay Classy Burrito,” their signature piñata comes filled with 10 mini plastic assorted bottles of booze, or nips (get it?) and candies. When I first heard about Nipyata, I must confess I was a little skeptical. I’ve gone on record about my disdain for cheesy Cinco de Mayo behavior.

For the last time, do NOT prance about like an ass in any Mexican restaurant in a serape of Charro hat. Uncool!

But when I got my hands on this particular ass, and brought it to a get-together at a friend’s house—well, a good time was had by all. Whacking a paper mache piñata with a stick is liberating, and the boozy aftermath wasn’t too shabby either.

The spirits mix can include tequila, vodka fireball, rum and liqueurs and is On Sale now at for $70. Order it ASAP and they can get it to you via FedEx in time for your festivities on Saturday (orders over $75 receive free ground shipping) Or, seek one out at your local liquor store and fill it with your nips of choice.

If you’re thinking this would be great to have at my bachelor/bachelorette party or other function, they’ve got you covered: There are Nipyatas in the shape of tacos, doughnuts, bottles of beer, and graduation caps, as well as those for a variety of holidays.

So maybe it’s not as la-dee-dah as my usual recommendations, but it sure is mighty fun.





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