A Spritz to Beat the Heat


It’s hot y’all. Like, really hot. Like I’m just gonna sit around my apartment in my underwear  and not give af hot (sorry Seamless delivery guy). But there is some respite to be found in a gorgeous glass of Aperol Spritz. This brunch-friendly cocktail comes to us from Italy, and like just about all things Italian, it’s stylish and refreshing and looks good in pictures.



Pretty, right? I made these—they’re dead easy to make. I just keep the ingredients on hand and  whenever the heat starts to rise, I can whip one up to save the day. Here’s what you need.



Aperol, the Italian aperitif, prosecco (I like to keep some mini bottles in the fridge which gives me enough to make a spritzer for two) and good club soda. You’ll also want an orange for garnish and maybe a lime as well for a secondary pop of color when you want to be fancy.

The Recipe

Fill a big globe glass or tall collins/highball glass with ice. Add a mini bottle, pour in a bottle of prosecco. If you have a large bottle, pour in 4-6 ounces. Add an equal amount Aperol. Top with a little club soda or seltzer. Garnish with orange wheels. Pop in a paper straw and that’s it. If you need to make a batch for a crowd, pour equal parts Aperol and prosecco in a pitcher. To serve, pour into ice-filled glasses and top each with a little soda. Snap a pic for the ‘Gram.


Aperol Spritz’s are so easy to make, that I’ve been known to whip some up at my desk at work at the end of the week, and just two or three for the co-workers sitting on either side.

Cubicle Cocktails: Aperol Spritz


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